Klagesmarkt Hannover
Klagesmarkt Hannover

We identified the weaknesses in the inner city, perhaps a little cheekily by usual standards there. Uwe Bodemann, Municipal Building Council Hannover

Klagesmarkt Hannover
Klagesmarkt Hannover
Klagesmarkt Hannover

Landeshauptstadt Hannover


8 hectares

urbane gestalt landschaftsarchitekten, Cologne
BPR Künne & Partner, Hannover

Deutscher Städtebaupreis 2018, award

polis Award 2018, 2nd prize

ASTOC / Johannes Böttger (1, 5)
Thomas Langreder (2 - 4)
Landeshauptstadt Hannover (6)

Architekten BKSP, Hannover
Architekturbüro pk nord, Hannover
ksw architekten + stadtplaner, Hannover
pfp architekten Prof. Friedrich, Hamburg
GrünPlan, Dortmund

With an oversized roundabout and its broad thoroughfares, the Klagesmarkt in Hannover is a location steeped in history that has served as a marketplace and the stage for major political events since the 14th century. ASTOC’s design reorganises the square on a human scale and creates vibrant interconnections with neighbouring districts. Today, this town square offers space for events as a pedestrianised zone and invites visitors to stroll. As part of the “Hannover City 2020+” inner city concept, the conversion of Klagesmarkt to a residential district of high urban quality represents the first building block which is to be followed by further such measures.

ASTOC’s urban planning design which shapes the entire public space between Steintor and Christuskirche “façade to façade” and rearranges it through the addition of two new blocks of buildings, carried the day. The town’s housing association set the ball rolling for realising the buildings with an architectural competition. The result is an urban block of exemplary density and mix of uses in which buildings differ markedly as the architects involved put their own individual stamp on the project. The removal of the roundabout and major traffic routes created space for a marketplace and conversion of the St. Nikolai cemetery to a neighbourhood park. The existing gravestones form a lapidarium with historical traces. The outline around the ruins of the cemetery chapel was brought to light again.

Klagesmarkt Hannover
Klagesmarkt Hannover