Won: MAGNUM Areal Osnabrück

Won: MAGNUM Areal Osnabrück

1st prize for ASTOC Architects and Planners in collaboration with GREENBOX Landscape Architects

A task made for us! Here, we were able to bring all our expertise and experience in the conversion of traditional industrial sites to bear. The task was to develop a convincing overall concept for an attractive, mixed-use urban quarter on the 15.5-hectare MAGNUM site in Osnabrück, which had previously been used by the steel industry. With 224,000 square meters of floor space for living, working, retailing, gastronomy, leisure and culture and an outstanding urban and open space planning quality. Preserving the identity of the quarter, which is characterized by its historical stock, and at the same time creating a new identity with careful additions. And, of course, taking into account all ecological and sustainability concerns, in harmony with all programmatic requirements. All environmentally relevant requirements such as water infiltration and energy supply are achieved directly in the area. We have also paid special attention to the circular idea: which hall can be used in which construction phase and how? And how can materials released from inevitable demolition be reused elsewhere?

We are thrilled that we were able to convince the jury and GMH as the awarding authority with our overall concept and that we were able to prevail against renowned competition as a team with GREENBOX Landscape Architects. And we are very much looking forward to being involved in the realization of this exciting project.



And what impression do the awarding authority, jury and city administration have of our contribution? We may quote here from the GMH press release:

Prof. Jörg Aldinger, chairman of the jury: "All submitted planning designs were on a top level. In the end, however, the design by ASTOC and GREENBOX prevailed over the other participants. In particular, the outstanding urban planning quality, the comprehensive ecological and social sustainability, a sustainable energy supply and mobility concept as well as the good networking with the Schinkel district and the Hasepark ultimately tipped the scales in favor of the unanimous selection. The design stands out due to the resulting residential quality in a green setting as well as the location and integral networking of the commercial, cultural and other socially oriented use components, including attractive meeting places and a daycare center. In addition, all the designs have given us valuable suggestions for the subsequent use of the halls and facets of a climate-friendly mix of uses."

Frank Otte, Osnabrück city planning officer: "People's demands on living and working in the city, as well as on mobility and leisure activities, have changed significantly in recent decades. But the effects of production, trade and traffic are also different today. The transformation of the former production and industrial site into an urban living and working space must take these changes into account. The winning design takes on these challenges in a creative but also pragmatic way and has conceived bold future-oriented solutions. Above all, living and production will enter into a new symbiosis on the site in the middle of the city. A new, attractive urban quarter with a high proportion of green space is being created."

Dr. Anne-Marie Großmann, Managing Director GMH Group "As the owner of this site close to the city center, we stand behind this award-winning urban transformation concept, with which we want to seize the opportunity to bring life and work back to this traditional location, linking them in a particularly sustainable way. The winning design shows that housing and production, crafts and trade, as well as leisure and culture can grow together in a longer development process and establish a new form of urbanity."

Katharina Pötter, Lord Mayor of Osnabrück: "It is important to me that a livable and colorful ensemble grows up in Osnabrück at this location. With the excellent winning design, this is definitely possible. As a city, we are now highly interested in the speedy implementation of this planning. That is why the business development department is also heavily involved. I am convinced that the previous well-functioning cooperation between the administration and the owner can be continued in the development plan procedure that will now follow."