Won! Former Daimler housing area Stuttgart-Hallschlag

Won! Former Daimler housing area Stuttgart-Hallschlag

The second prize in the first phase was followed by the first prize in the second phase.

After our entry to the competition in autumn 2023, submitted in cooperation with Glück Landschaftsarchitektur, received one of two second prizes, we are the clear winner after the revision phase!

The former Daimler estate - built from the 1960s as a factory estate with two high-rise buildings, eight estate houses and around 800 residential units - is to be reorganised in terms of urban development and redensified by around 270 new residential units to be built. To this end, we have developed an overall urban and open space planning concept that integrates the Daimler estate more closely into its neighbourhood and enhances its open spaces. A new development connects the currently fragmented situation, integrates stand-alone buildings and creates a transition from the lower buildings in the west to the east side, which is characterised by high-rise buildings. The upgrading of the open space and the exemplary sustainability and energy concept radiate beyond the planning area into the neighbourhood and allow the entire Hallschlag district to benefit from the project.

As the GWG Group explained, "the winning design impressed with its ideas for a neighbourhood that enables lifelong living. On the one hand, it includes suitable flat layouts for different tenant groups, while on the other hand, the communal areas offer something for every age group, from kindergarten to coworking spaces to senior living groups." Frederik Lutz, Head of Project Development at the GWG Group: "The planned buildings fit in very well with the existing buildings and the characteristics of the site and offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of further development. We are certain that the new, attractive design of the neighbourhood and, above all, the open spaces will represent added value for the tenants."


Site plan (short-term perspective)

Lageplan (kurzfristige Perspektive)


Site plan (long-term perspective)

Lagplan (langfristige Perspektive)