Winner: Lauffenmühle Next Innovation, Lörrach

Winner: Lauffenmühle Next Innovation, Lörrach

In Lörrach, Germany's first climate-neutral industrial estate in timber construction is to be built on the 9-hectare industrial wasteland of the former Lauffenmühle.

In order to find the best solution for this task, an urban planning and open space planning realisation competition was held, which ASTOC ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS won together with Henning Larsen (open space planning) and merz kley partner (timber construction consultancy).

A major focus of the transformation is on the principle of sustainability of the project and the integration of the site into the surrounding urban structure. The aim and object of the competition is to find a highly innovative and future-oriented urban and open space design approach for the transformation of the Lauffenmühle site into a modern, climate-adapted and sustainable urban quarter for predominantly commercial uses.

Awarding authority: City of Lörrach
Competition management: schreiberplan GmbH
Landscape architects: Henning Larsen GmbH, Überlingen
Timber construction consultants: Merz Kley Partner

Many thanks and congratulations to our team: Prof Markus Neppl, Marlene Gehrmann, Markus Lang, Nima Maghsoudi, Anna Rieger, Dr Matthias Stippich, Marcin Wasag

Information on the project page of the city of Lörrach: