Masterplan for Science City Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, Campus West

Masterplan for Science City Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, Campus West

The framework plan for the 50-hectare site was developed in collaboration with WES LandschaftsArchitektur and buro Happold.

Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld with Campus West is regarded as the flagship of Hamburg's innovation landscape. The framework plan drawn up for the development of the research campus is now available and can be viewed by the public. On behalf of Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH, ASTOC ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS, WES LandschaftsArchitektur and Buro Happold developed a comprehensive catalogue of design and rules for the opening, expansion and redensification of the 50-hectare site with around 170,000 square metres of gross floor area of new construction potential.

The vision for the future of Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld published in 2019 laid the foundation for Hamburg's development as a centre for science and is a key component of Hamburg's innovation strategy. Campus West, the core of Science City, is a centre for basic research and applied sciences with facilities such as the university, DESY and the Max Planck Institute. The joint framework planning is based on the existing structure and ongoing projects such as HAFUN (Hamburg Fundamental Interactions Laboratory) and PETRA IV (Positron Electron Tandem Ring Facility) and ensures clarity in terms of content and urban development as well as long-term development.

The framework plan creates a positive future perspective for opening up the site and developing a recognisable campus. Efficient land utilisation, clear potential areas for research buildings and a coordinated basis between stakeholders enable quick decisions to be made on suitable locations. Flexibly designed structures respond to framework conditions, seamlessly integrate short-term projects and strengthen the excellence of the Science City.

The Science City concept emphasises the networking of science and the city through usable, connected open spaces. The aim is consistent, sustainable and climate-friendly development to meet the requirements of a dynamic research and science city. The framework plan was developed between 2022 and 2024 by the SCG, BSW, BWFGB, BA Altona, UHH and DESY in collaboration with ASTOC ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS, WES LandschaftsArchitektur and Buro Happold. The West Campus, especially west of Luruper Chaussee, was analysed in detail, with the core area of the German Electron Synchrotron serving as an extended viewing area.

Based on the four core objectives (1) spatial linkage, (2) sustainable, climate-neutral and climate-friendly development, (3) gradual restructuring based on clear rules and (4) further development of the innovation location, the framework plan develops guidelines for future projects. The framework plan defines a harmonised, differentiated set of rules for urban development, open spaces, buildings, climate protection and adaptation and reviews them using test designs and design examples for possible implementation and development scenarios.

The Masterplan is available on the Science City Haburg Bahrenfeld Website .


Client: Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH, in cooperation with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Size: 50 ha, approx. 170,000 sqm gross floor area redensification
Processing time: Planning 2022 - 2024
ASTOC services: Urban development framework plan, design and rules catalogue
Collaboration: WES LandschaftsArchitektur, buro Happold
Visualisation: moka-studio